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Self care is ultimately the MOST important part of your Spiritual Lifestyle. Everything in your life revolves around you cleansing, recharging & building the new you.

This Lighthouse Cleansing Bath Therapy has powerful healing properties from our premium herbal + salt blend. All Spiritual Bath Therapy kits are currently hand mixed and charged with healing prayers from Your Favorite COUSINNN CAN CAN with the purest intentions of love and the highest vibration of joy and peace. 

Although cleansing is optional, it is extremely helpful if incorporated  as a regular part of your healing process. As you release energy, it is important to cleanse the old energy from your body and Aura. 

Suggested use: Monthly - New Moon Energy is a great time to cleanse and set your intentions for the following month. The energy of the New Moon is cleansing the Planet and everything inside of it. This is the perfect time to capitalize on the powerful energy being released from the Moon. This is also a great time to rest and recharge for the next month or 28 day cycle.


* You can repeat Spiritual baths as often as necessary to align your body with your Spirit. Your Spirit is perfectly healed and complete, but we must be intentional about this connection.  A cleansing practice should be done daily, but Spiritual baths can be done as often as you are led to do them.

**** There is NO right or wrong way to do a Spiritual Bath **** If you feel lighter and peaceful after you complete your bath, then it was effective. Follow your own inner guidance :) 

Sidebar... Let me know if you sleep good after using this one!!! 🙌🏾


⭐️ 222 - Alignment (Begin building something new)


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Customer Reviews

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Tee Tee

Thanks so much cousin...Everything is just as described!!!

Marquita McCalla
Love& light

First time shopper best experience ever

Johanna Peters
Great product!! Loved everything about it.

I absolutely loved everything about my order. From the personalized note to the smartie. I slept like a baby after my spiritual bath (Bath therapy)along with setting my intention with my (A.S.AP).

Terri Rivera
Spiritual Bath

Smelled beautiful! I followed the instructions that were enclosed in the package and i felt more relaxed after my bath. I loved it so much. I even let my 16 year old daughter use it. she has anxiety and she loved it. I would purchase again