About Us


My name is Candace Marie Founder of The Lighthouse ATL, but many of you know me as "Your Favorite COUSINNN CAN CAN!!!" from my YouTube channel "CAN be the Light". I have relocated from Kansas City, MO. to Atlanta, GA because I believe that Atlanta would be the best location for The #1 Lighthouse. I literally had a thought to open up The Lighthouse and in one year I was led to pack up my life and head to the SOUTH!!! I am sooo excited that you have trusted me to assist you on your path to healing yourself, healing your bloodline and most importantly SELF-MASTERY!!!

 I was guided to create The Lighthouse because of the need for more trusted leaders in the Spiritual community. Often times when we begin on our Spiritual Journey there is no one to show us the way, so we pretty much do whatever we want which may or may not always be helpful. I know that everyone of us have the power to heal ourselves and create the life that we desire, and The Lighthouse is here as a guide to help you along the way. There is no need to go looking for answers from anyone outside of yourself because your soul always knows which direction to go. Teachers, Ministers, Mentors, Pastors, Life Coaches or anyone that you look up to should be an addition to your Spiritual development and not the primary source for the direction of your life.. After all, it is your life.
We are never alone on our journey and God has provided us all with Divine assistance in the Heavenly realm from Ancestors, Archangels, Spirit Guides & Ascended Masters to help us reach our destiny. After God, the most important relationships we will have is the relationship with our Ancestors & our Higher Self. Our "Higher Self" is the aspect of us that has lived before us in this life and will continue to live when this life is over. I encourage you to trust that part of you that is all knowing and is connected to God, also known as your intuition

I believe that with the proper tools and the right intentions anyone can change their lives for the better because I have done it. You are definitely on the right path if you have been led to The Lighthouse ATL and my prayer is for you and your family to be prosperous for many generations to come, but it all begins with you!

I love you all ah MILLION, BILLION, TRILLION!!! Praying for Many Many years of happiness, peace and SUCCESS for you! - and it will be
Love Always, 
Your Favorite COUSINNN CAN CAN ☀️

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