Sweet Lady Yoni Steam

If you have never had a Yoni Steam before, here is your chance to get the BEST Yoni Steam in the comfort of your own home. It can be awkward going to someone else to have them prepare a Yoni Steam for you, so we have provided you with everything that you need to get the AMAZING benefits of Yoni Steaming at home. 
Our Sweet Lady Yoni Steam Kit has everything you need plus step by step instructions on how to make your Yoni Steam experience simple & comfortable.
"When you nurture your womb regularly with herbs, you will notice the benefits. Yoni Steaming is a must for me."  - CAN CAN 


About Yoni Steams

Yoni Steaming is an ancient practice that has been used for ages and is encouraged by traditional healers. A Yoni Steam is simply allowing your uterus to absorb the nutrients of herbs which promotes healing the womb. It is a very gentle treatment and is recommended to be done on a monthly basis, typically after your menstrual cycle or every 28 days. If you do not have a menstrual cycle or a selected time in mind you may consider completing your yoni steam treatment during the New Moon phase (Cleansing/Releasing energy).

After you cleanse, you may want to wear a thin panty liner to absorb the moisture released for 1-2 days and abstain for sexual intercourse to allow your body time to rest and rejuvenate. You can check the health of your vaginal moisture with your yoni egg. Normal moisture should be odorless, loose & clear almost like water. Consult your Physician if you notice anything abnormal.

You will be guided to this Yoni Steam when you are ready to release your old habits and become new. Yoni steams work in combination with a healthy diet, healthy sex life and a healthy mindset. It's a process, but when you are ready you will know. Remember, the Soul always knows which direction we should go and when we need to be there.

Trust your inner-compass.  

​Happy Healing 💜


 "I am a survivor of my Mother's womb, she is a survivor of her Mother's womb and I am more than a conqueror when I heal all these wombs".


What's Included in the Sweet Lady Yoni Steam Kit:

  • 1 Package of Sweet Lady Powerful Herbal Blend 
  • 1 Sterile Reusable Plastic Commode (for water + herbal blend)
  • Sweet Lady Juicy Berry Recipe (G-Check Detox aka GUT CHECK)
  • What you should know about the "Root Chakra" Guide (Root chakra healing + yoni/womb healing)

Potential Benefits of Yoni Steams:

  • Stress Reliever
  • Reduce Infections
  • Boost Infertility
  • Relieves Heavy Bleeding
  • Cramps/ Bloating/ Exhaustion
  • Treating hemorrhoids
  • Uterine weakness
  • Promotes healing from Sexual Trauma 


It's never too late to be a Sweet Lady! 💜


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