White Candles are said to be the MOST powerful universal candle. You can literally put any intention into your white candle to get a desired result. Powerful pure white candles combined with the Ancient Spirit of fire is very effective! These candles have been fully cleansed and charged and are ready to go! (Must Have)

I add my prayers and intentions with your prayers and intentions for everything that is in your highest and greatest good be granted to you. - Bless it is, and it shall be  

Love Always, 

Your Favorite COUSINNN

- CAN CAN ☀️💕


555 = Represents great change. The vibration of angel number 555 is all about taking action and just 'going for it!

📌 Tip - Try adding just a little of our A.S.A.P Power Pack herb blend to your charged candle to enhance your results. A.S.A.P Power Pack not included. 


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Customer Reviews

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The Unique1 QUEEN Demetria Spradley
At Peace

I just burned my candle last Sunday I had been under the weather NOT due to Covid and used my ASAP I felt at peace. And I'm also Manifesting I will check back in and let you know about the gifts. So far so good I'm on a roll. Yes, greatness is happening. Thank you Cousin CANCAN I plan to order more of your Amazing items very soon.

Starla Sanders
I love it!

This candle 🕯 is the truth!
you have to try it to believe it.
Thank you 🙏🏾