*** Solar + Reiki Charged Pure White Candles ***

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White Candles are said to be the MOST powerful universal candle. You can literally put any intention into your white candle to get a desired result. Money, love, good luck, healing... Lighting a Powerful pure white candle is very effective! (Must Have) These candles have been fully cleansed and charged and are ready to go! 

* You can also add a white candle next to any color candle or dressed candle to either boost or balance the intention of your manifestation. 

I add my prayers and intentions with your prayers and intentions for everything that is in your highest and greatest good be granted in your life. Ase' 

Love Always, 

- CAN CAN ☀️💕


555 = Represents great change. The vibration of angel number 555 is all about taking action and just 'going for it!

📌 Tip - Try adding just a little of our A.S.A.P Power Pack herb blend to your charged candle to enhance your results. 

Customer Reviews

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The Unique1 QUEEN Demetria Spradley
At Peace

I just burned my candle last Sunday I had been under the weather NOT due to Covid and used my ASAP I felt at peace. And I'm also Manifesting I will check back in and let you know about the gifts. So far so good I'm on a roll. Yes, greatness is happening. Thank you Cousin CANCAN I plan to order more of your Amazing items very soon.

Starla Sanders
I love it!

This candle 🕯 is the truth!
you have to try it to believe it.
Thank you 🙏🏾